Combating Negative Spiritual Phenomena - Exorcism

What Are Demons?

Getting rid of negative spirits - It should be understood that all negative spirits and demonic forces are different and there can be no ONE formula for acheiving this.


Combating negative energies, entities and curses of a spiritual and                     nature.


For the purpose of this paper, there are two distinct groups of negative or evil spiritual entities, plus a third group of demonic forces that I tend to put into a different category. Although many would consider them to be in group two.


Group one


These spirits have lived in a human body on earth and for whatever reason have not returned to the ‘Light’ upon the physical death of the body.

In this paper the ‘Light’ refers to the spirit world that follows a loving God. There are a variety of reasons that prevent spirits moving on to the Light, two of which are:

1. Fear of punishment or retribution upon their physical death.

2. Anger and/or the desire of revenge. In the case of sudden death. Like someone killed in an accident or in the case of murder. Violent death including suicide.

3. The wish to stay with the surviving member’s of the family or close friend’s.


Group two


Spirits of evil nature sometime called dark force entities. These have not lived in a physical body but are normally followers of more powerful spiritual beings.


Demonic forces are often created through the will of negative spirits or people of evil nature who possesses strong spiritual powers.

In the case of those created by a person with an evil intent they manifest themselves after a curse is placed. The curse could be created by an evil spirit doing the will of the person placing the curse. In all cases of dark force entities and demonic forces there appears to be a hierarchy from extremely powerful to pure nuisance value. The more powerful the ‘entity’ the stronger the protection that is needed.

Dark Forces

demonic spirits


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